Campsite Case

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Campsite hold-back extras. Sale will stay open until all items sell out. Only includes the case and hardware, plate and PCB sold separately! 

Campsite is an aftermarket case for Minivan layout keyboards. It features an anodized aluminum case with 4 gasketed plate attachment points and a brass weight that brings its weight to 2.8 lbs (or 3 standard Minivans). The case rises high above the bottoms of keycaps, hiding switches and stabilizers beneath a top piece that also compresses the 50A nitrile gaskets in place. A choice of either a brass full plate or a (first of its kind) polycarbonate half-plate allows users to customize their typing experience to how much flexibility they want in their plate. Campsite is compatible with all previous iterations of Minivan-like PCBs released by TheVan Keyboards, but the Ketch PCB has been offered as an optional upgrade to make Campsite a full kit, just add switches, keycaps, stabilizers, and the layout of your choosing to make it your own.

  • Compatibility with all previously offered Minivan, Kumo and Jetvan layouts.
  • Sandwich-style gasketed case with a sandblasted brass weight and 50A nitrile gaskets.
  • 4 degree typing angle.
  • 2.8lbs unbuilt.
  • Available in E-White, Jet Black, Drank, Blue Steel, Bushido Red and Space Grey
  • Starting at $270.