A-Stock E-White Cajal Extras

A-Stock E-White Cajal Extras

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These are in-stock extras from the Cajal Group-Buy. They will ship within two weeks!



  • Choice of 4.9 lb aluminum case with 5 degree typing angle.
  • Aluminum case colors: E-White.
  • Staggered layout, MX-compatible hotswap PCB with RGB underglow and daughter board to isolate PCB/plate from cable. Each designed by Worldspawn, daughterboard by the incredible ai03.
  • Gasket/top-mount hybrid mounting style with individual compression control and 50A durometer white nitrile rubber gaskets above and below plate tabs.
  • Staggered layout plate available in sandblasted polycarbonate.
  • Frosted polycarbonate diffuser layer for RGB underglow.
  • Three SMD LED indicators.
  • One included EC11 rotary encoder.
  • One big-ass knob, available in silver or black anodized aluminum. PVD-coated gold brass knob is available for +$40.
  • One big-ass sandblasted brass weight, engraved with Cajal and microscope based on Cajal’s favorite Zeiss microscope later in life.

Standard plates automatically receive the hotswap staggered PCB.

Ortholinear plates automatically receive the solder-required ortholinear PCB.