Neuron: A Premium 40% Keyboard

The Neuron was the first keyboard produced by Walletburner. It is a keyboard designed to integrate features and design elements from larger form factor, premium keyboards into a smaller package. From its surprising heft to its top-mount plate attachment style and its tight tolerances around keycaps to its slightly flattened typing angle, the Neuron was designed to provide a high-quality typing experience to users of smaller form factor keyboards, all for $230. Choice of a polycarbonate or anodized cases lets customers customize the board's look, while choice of a laser cut acrylic, polycarbonate, or sandbalsted brass switch plate lets customers customize the board's feel. Limited extras will be available after the group-buy, which concluded on Nov. 1st, 2019. 


  • 2.5 degree polycarbonate or anodized aluminum case. One piece case maximizes feel and sound quality.

  • Top-mount plate available in sandblasted brass, polycarbonate plate, or 3mm acrylic.

  • 5mm thick sandblasted brass weight with NEURON engraving.

  • QMK-compatible black PCB designed by Worldspawn; on-board atmega with USB-C.

  • Standard plate supports full-size 6.25u space or 2.25u/2.75u split space layouts. No ortho on the standard plate or PCB.

  • By popular request, an optional ortho plate was made available. This plate is compatible with the Niu Mini and Panc40 Anconda PCBs (provide your own).

  • No LEDs. No in-switch or RGB. Sorry gamers.

  • Aluminum case weights ~2lbs 7oz built, Polycarbonate version weights ~1 lb 15oz built.

Post-GB Updates:

  • GB Closed at midnight on Nov. 1st. 102 orders with paid invoices. Thanks for all the support!
  • Final PCB assembly and CNC factory quotes requested on Nov 3rd, with payment to follow after final tallies with extras are calculated.
  • Factory paid on Nov 6th, with an earliest shipping estimate of December 30th. This means Neurons should be shipping to customers in January.
  • Confirmed with factory during the last week of November that production is going smoothly, and we should be on track for a late December to early January shipping from the factory, followed by QC and shipping on my end, then boards out to everyone in late January.
  • Shipping notification on PCBs received 12/5/2019. PCBs should be here next week, then QC to follow.
  • PC cases almost done machining, then on to the finishing and the aluminum cases. Still on track from CNC factory.
  • PCBs received 12/9/19, QC underway.
  • 12/18/19: PC cases done machining and on to finishing. Aluminum cases are being anodized. PCBs are working perfectly; will flash all of them with a default layout after the holidays. Acrylic plates and EVA foam inserts are cut and arrived this morning. Everything still on track for a January ship date to customers. Smooth sailing so far.


Plate files for the Neuron have been made available free of charge for customers who would like to get new plates cut. Click here to download the staggered and ortholinear Neuron files.