Introducing Cajal [kaˈhal]

The Cajal is a 45% hotswap keyboard with a detached arrow cluster, a prominent volume knob, and an RGB underglow ring. It's heaviest configuration weighs 5lbs, making it one of the heaviest boards for its size. This keyboard is a culmination of all the features that were requested from the Neuron GB, along with some new design features that haven't yet been implemented in a sub-60% keyboard. I have added programmable indicator lights and gasket mounting system using stoppers to adjust the compression on nitrile tabs attached to the plate in 4 places. With only four plate attachment points, the Cajal was designed to permit flex in bendier plate materials while still providing a cushioned bottom out on a brass plate. By changing plate material, gasket hardness (40A soft or 70A hard), and gasket compression tightness, users will be able to tailor their experience to their preferences. Prepare your wallets for June 15th!


  • Choice of 4.9 lb aluminum case or 3.8 lb polycarbonate  case with 5 degree typing angle.
  • Aluminum case colors: Bushido Red, Blue Steel, E-White, and Space Grey.
  • Polycarbonate case available in clear polycarbonate or Cotton Candy Pink dyed polycarbonate.
  • Choice of 1 of 2 QMK-compatible PCBSs: (1) staggered layout, MX-compatible hotswap PCB or (2) solderable ortholinear MX or Alps-compatible PCB, each with RGB underglow and daughter board to isolate PCB/plate from cable. Each designed by Worldspawn, daughterboard by the incredible ai03.
  • Gasket mounting style with individual compression control and 60A durometer nitrile rubber gaskets above and below plate tabs.
  • Staggered layout plates in sandblasted brass, POM, or sandblasted polycarbonate.
  • Ortholinear layout plates in sandblasted brass or POM.
  • Frosted acrylic diffuser layer for RGB underglow.
  • Three SMD LED indicators.
  • One included EC11 rotary encoder.
  • One big-ass knob, available in silver or black anodized aluminum. PVD-coated gold brass knob is available for +$40.
  • One big-ass sandblasted brass weight, engraved with Cajal and microscope based on Cajal’s favorite Zeiss microscope later in life.
  • Expected shipping around 12 weeks after GB close.
  • Price is $395 (USD) + tax + shipping.


Plate files for the Cajal have been made available free of charge for customers who would like to get new plates cut. Click here to download the Standard and Ortholinear Cajal plate files.